Saturday, April 02, 2005

The New Station Partner

Thursday, right in the middle of the shift, chef demoted my station partner and appointed the guy that worked right next to us for almost a year my new station partner. Effective immediately, right then, that night. Tonight is Nathan's first Saturday night on fish station. This should be fun. Not to mention that we have a menu change coming next week. Can we say "overtime," kiddies?

And then last night I didn't order enough tuna for the shift, even though it is on both the menu and the specials sheet, and I got in big trouble. Am expecting a write up today or at least a conversation in chef's office. I can't wait.

If the Red Sox weren't playing their first game of 2005 tomorrow night, I think I would have a panic attack. Instead, I am focused on the six-month long romp through another summer's worth of the heaven and hell that is Red Sox baseball. I just have to get through tonight's shift.