Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Fava beans Posted by Hello

white asparagus Posted by Hello

Two sure signs that spring is on it's way - beautiful white asparagus and the first fava beans of the season. Some people think that fava beans are a pain in the ass - and they are kind of time-consuming - but the results are worth it. When you unzip the pod and reveal those pale green beans snuggled up in their velvet bed, you can't help but treat them nicely since nature seems to have already deemed them delicate. Like tender little lima beans. Their flavor is permanently linked with spring in my mind, not to mention their electric green color. I came into work early just to bust into these babies!

I also got the chance to help Jon braise some rabbit legs, which is cool because a) I've never worked with rabbit before and b) usually just the sous chefs and chefs take care of the braising, so I felt pretty proud that Jon allowed me to help him. Also I roasted some baby golden beets, peeled the asparagus, and made chicken pot-pie and a fast salad for family meal. That's the only good thing about not being too busy - some of the pressure is off and you can relax a little. Have a little fun.

This week is going by so slowly. Business is way down at this time of year, and it sucks wanting to prep all this great food and having all these great dishes on the menu this weekend without that many people to appreciate them! But then, just when you're starting to bitch about the lack of reservations, you have a table come in like our 9:30 deuce tonight: first of all, they were an hour late. Second of all, they sat down and asked us what kind of sushi we had. Where in the fuck did they think they were eating?? So the guy gets a lamb med-rare and the chick gets a sea bass, pan-roasted, olive oil only, no butter. Amateurs. Don't come to a french restaurant if you're on a fucking diet, alright honey?