Thursday, March 10, 2005

Escolar. Posted by Hello

Here's the finished dish for which I prepped all the ingredients yesterday: Escolar on a bed of pan-roasted white asparagus, fava bean/golden beet fricasee, carrot/white verjus foam sauce and crystal lettuce. We do a lot of garnishing with various baby greens - baby Bull's Blood turnip greens, baby basil blends, baby watercress, yadda yadda yadda. A lot of the times I think the green on the plate is more important than the way the greens taste, which is kinda fucked up. I don't like garnishing just for the sake of garnishing. But I actually like the crystal lettuce. You'll never find a softer, more buttery green on the face of the earth - it's pretty special. And it's nice and clean tasting, which goes well with the fresh, spring-like theme of this dish.

Family meal today was meatloaf, baked potato bar and peas & carrots. Peas are our secret ingredient this week; each week we have to make family meal we'll pick one ingredient and work it into the meal every day. Last time it was worcestershire sauce, which was a little challenging. We actually made worcestershire sauce vinaigrette one day - fucking hideous - but, it's always fun to punish servers like that. They're never in on the joke. Someone made jalapeno ice cream once and all the servers thought it was mint. And they have a dollar a day docked from their paychecks for family meal - ha!